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Peake Ranch Winery

Peake Ranch Vineyard

Located on the eastern end of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA on Santa Rosa Road, Peake Ranch is a 105-acre parcel with 50 acres of vines. The plantings include seven different clones of Pinot Noir, three clones of Chardonnay and two each of Syrah and Grenache. The plantings are all along a hill that covers most of the ranch, exposing the vines to the cool air that comes off the Pacific and into the Santa Ynez Valley. The combination of North, South, East and West facing slopes coupled with the exposure to varying degrees of the cool wind give the vineyard a diversity of fruit flavor profiles that is unique for a ranch of our size.

John Sebastiano Vineyard

John Sebastiano Vineyard is located on the eastern edge of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA. The raised elevation of this vineyard exposes this spot to an extra dose of the winds that the appellation is famous for. Cool nights and constant wind make for grapes that show great concentration and lend themselves to the magic of our gifted winemaker Wynne Solomon, yielding extraordinary wines.

Sierra Madre Vineyard

Sierra Madre is located on the western side of the Santa Maria Valley. The Vineyard benefits from cool summers. The block our wines come from is a south-facing hillside comprised of sandy, well-drained soil. The Robert Young clones that grow here take advantage of the spot to become both fully ripe and at the same time retain a high level of acidity.