Sitting on the porch of the Peake Ranch casita in the fading day of rain showers and the longer day light hours of daylight savings time.  Nice deal.

We have been getting occasional rain today and more is predicted.  The rain replenishes our soil moisture but soil can only hold so much water no matter how much it rains.  It may be hard for those who pay attention to the rain in California to believe but our soil moisture gauges show as much or more water in the soil as we had at this time in rainy 2017.  This is a really good way to start the season.

Speaking of the season start, the vines are beginning to grow!  The buds are fuzzy as they expand (we say push) and soon we will have leaves and clusters and before we know it harvest.  Ok, a little ahead of myself but we are very excited.

Today’s picture is bud push at John Sebastiano Vineyard.

Back soon.